SURVICE Metrology Announces First Acquisition of New FARO Vantage Laser Tracker

Pete Edmonds of FARO TEchnologies with James Gardner of SURVICE Engineering

(From left to right) Pete Edmonds, Vice President of Sales for FARO Technologies in the Americas and James Gardner, Director of Commercialization and Sales for SURVICE Engineering.

Monday, July 16, 2012 - 10:45am

Advanced FARO technology will provide faster measurement and improved efficiency to SURVICE customers.

Belcamp, Maryland-based SURVICE Metrology has placed an order for the all-new FARO Vantage Laser Tracker, becoming the first company to do so since the product was first announced on Monday, July 16. SURVICE representatives expect to capitalize on the tracker's ultra-portable design by carrying it with them to jobsites, virtually eliminating the risk and cost associated with shipping to and from locations. In addition to a dramatic reduction in size, the FARO Vantage includes new features, like SmartFind, that improve accuracy and greatly reduce measurement time. Together, these new enhancements will enable SURVICE to perform quicker routines, more accurately, and at a reduced cost.

"We're excited, and eager to begin capitalizing on all of the new features the Vantage has to offer," explained James Gardner, Director of Commercialization and Sales for SURVICE Engineering. "This new tracker is portable, so we'll be able to carry it on-board with us when we fly to jobsites. The Vantage will allow us to expand our reach, and access more customers than ever, while reducing shipping costs. In addition, SmartFind technology provides an elegant mechanism for quickly acquiring the target when the tracker's beam is broken. We're confident this will help us improve efficiency and workflow."

FARO unveiled its revolutionary new Vantage Laser Tracker on July 16, at the annual Coordinate Metrology Society Conference (CMSC) in New Orleans. SURVICE reps, along with over 300 other guests at the opening night Ice Breaker reception, were among the first to catch an exclusive first look at the new laser tracker.

"SURVICE Metrology is a recognized leader in dimensional inspection services, and a longtime user of FARO laser trackers," said Pete Edmonds, Vice President of Sales for FARO Technologies in the Americas. "The new Vantage laser tracker is ideally-suited to the types of applications SURVICE performs. We thank them for their business, and wish them continued success."

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